Melo and Fischel

Rio de Janeiro CIty Hall

City Hall

How to reduce vandalism of public property? How to expand the restoration of our forests? How to reduce traffic deaths? How to value the municipal guard?


These were some of the challenges raised by the leaders of the Rio City Hall. With the Design Thinking methodology, using tools such as brainstorming, scamper, prototyping, and others, they achieved innovative and viable solutions.


One of them was a creative program for public schools, called “Bem Carioquinha” (with the objective of reducing vandalism in the long term). This was the result of having leaders from Comlurb (urban cleaning department) and the Department of Education on the same team. The “Mais Florestas” App came out from the Department of the Environment with IplanRio (technology department). The CET-Rio and the Department of Urban Planning created an interactive and fun campaign. And the Municipal Guard will get into the mood of co-creation.

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