Melo and Fischel


Credit Unit

This meeting was provided by FGV for the Sicredi group, in their filial at Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. 


They had a lot of challenges such as attracting teenagers for their services, improving their social media, engaging the collaborators for their courses, and taking care of the collaborators’ health. 


Some solutions were quite creative such as a game called “MoneyCraft” to awaken the interest of young people for Sicredi (or just save money). About continuing education, they created many actions in a variety of media using influence people (in the company) to inspire others. There was another prototype where people could vote on the projects they would like to get the social fund, which was good to see which one really deserved the social fund, and besides, to spread the idea, that was not so known.


Summarizing, There were nine great solutions for nine important challenges.

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