Melo and Fischel

Rio de Janeiro City Hall – City Hall

Rio de Janeiro CIty Hall City Hall How to reduce vandalism of public property? How to expand the restoration of our forests? How to reduce traffic deaths? How to value the municipal guard?   These were some of the challenges raised by the leaders of the Rio City Hall. With the Design Thinking methodology, using… Continuar lendo Rio de Janeiro City Hall – City Hall

Santa Colomba – Agrobusiness

Santa Colomba Agrobusiness Santa Colomba operates in agribusiness, producing cotton, cocoa, grains, and B2B products.   The leadership team had to deal with some challenges, such as how to improve the communication between the office and the field and how to manage the company’s objectives.   We used the Design Thinking Methodology with the Miro… Continuar lendo Santa Colomba – Agrobusiness

CMCorp – IT Company

CMCorp IT Company CMCorp is an IT company that offers technology solutions for hotels, law firms, and other sectors.   The challenge was to train new employees as the company was expanding and there would not be enough time to achieve excellence in this.   The solution was an LMS platform to teach all new… Continuar lendo CMCorp – IT Company

Davita – Medical Services

Davita Medical Services At that time, Davita, a multinational company in the healthcare sector, was expanding in Brazil and, by acquiring a few different companies, it had to deal with different cultures.   Our job was to take the challenges to the top and together find solutions to integrate the teams.   Some problems and… Continuar lendo Davita – Medical Services

Americanas – Department Store

Americanas Department Store This consultancy was done remotely with EY Consultoria and Plano A.   The Americanas group is formed by the companies Lojas Americanas, Local, Ame Digital,, Americanas Express, Submarino, Shoptime, and others. And automation was their big problem.   We develop a strategic plan, a communication plan, and processes to implement them.… Continuar lendo Americanas – Department Store

Elektro – Energy Distributor

Elektro Energy Distributor Elektro is an energy supplier company, from the Spanish group Iberdrola.    Our goal was to find creative solutions for their main problem: the robbery of energy in poor communities.    They found some creative solutions to prototype even better. The very low-cost prototypes were developed just to get the first impressions… Continuar lendo Elektro – Energy Distributor

Sicredi – Credit Unit

Sicredi Credit Unit This meeting was provided by FGV for the Sicredi group, in their filial at Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.    They had a lot of challenges such as attracting teenagers for their services, improving their social media, engaging the collaborators for their courses, and taking care of the collaborators’ health.    Some… Continuar lendo Sicredi – Credit Unit

Startup in NY – Beauty Company

Startup in ny Beauty Company This job was for a startup in the beauty industry located in NY City. Our goal was to create and think together about the briefing for the agency that would be hired.    We work during a week with executives from various areas: beauty, strategic, financial, marketing and so on.… Continuar lendo Startup in NY – Beauty Company

Globo – Television Network

Globo Television Network TV Globo is the second biggest broadcast in the world. In Brazil, it’s the main one. In their case, we were invited to work with them on the solutions to expand their studios in a smart way. The solution was a studio complex named MG4. It was built with the most advanced… Continuar lendo Globo – Television Network

Etex – Building Materials Specialist

Etex Building Materials Specialist Etex is a global industrial group that operates in 45 countries. They are specialized in structures for buildings. They attend architecture’s companies, construction industry and distributors. We attend Etex on their current challenges such as leadership, changing, training, communication and a sort of needs from their day by day since 2018. … Continuar lendo Etex – Building Materials Specialist